Time for more recreations in life

Another day, another post. Some of you who follow my social media already know. Recently I migrated to Chicago for a new job. With the bonus of two of my children who live here.Both good things. On the negative side, it essentially required I abandon the Read More …


“Shou-Sugi-Ban” the art of Japanese burnt wood finishing

Shou-Sugi-Ban is for me, one of the fascinating wood finishing techniques and one of my favorites for the feel of the wood when complete. I love running my hand over the rough yet smooth texture it creates.  The term “Shou-Sugi-Ban” is Japanese (焼杉板), it translates to Read More …

cookie sheet Photo by Kari Shea on Unsplash

Five awesome uses for a baking sheet that never touch the oven

A baking sheet or baking pan is an awesome thing. They are one of the best tools for oven cooking you have. Baking sheets are multi purpose and pretty easy to clean. But they can take up a lot of space when not in use Read More …


Finding the stuff to remake, upcycle and recreate

A few months back, I wrote about finding things. Asking for a little help in the discovery process. I got some great ideas in the process. But I also realized how blind I had been all along about finding. There are remaking things everywhere you Read More …

Bars Friends

Bars, beers, booze and the fine art of presentation

So you have a place to live and the things to go in the place. You might even have friends to visit the place.  But where do you mix your drinks? Show off your wine? Cool your beer? Put the wine and martini glasses you Read More …

Burgess Meredith

Enter The Thrifting Zone

Well, you either got dragged/happily thrifting or deal hunting at some resale shop. You wander through the aisles a few times looking carefully for all the things. And become sadly disappointed.  “well, nothing is here. Nothing from my Insta and certainly none of my Pinned Read More …


Web Sale – the greatest handmade stuff for your home

How about a studio sale! I was supposed to write about bars and beer and booze this week. Maybe I sampled a bit much in the process. It really was pretty good stuff and that doesn’t include the alcohol. Instead, I realized that the studio has Read More …


Some special wood and faux finishes

I’ve always been fascinated by different finishes and paint techniques. So I do a lot of experimenting. Sometimes I feel like its working with pottery glazes. Each one can make something so different. These are a few special finishes I love. Not always a fan of Read More …

Food and kitchens

Your kitchen essentials – tools and toys

Let’s talk about our kitchens. Some of us spend a lot of time there. Others, not so much. Even then, you need the kitchen to unwrap the carryout and get utensils, so you should read this. Some things you must have in a kitchen, many Read More …

Summer, time for outside

Summer, my outdoor living favorite five

Every spring I get all outdoor! I only have a small yard. A very small yard on a corner lot. There is a garden, a grill, and a table.So every year I have to take care with my additions. Actually, I want a full on Read More …