Bars, beers, booze and the fine art of presentation

So you have a place to live and the things to go in the place. You might even have friends to visit the place.  But where do you mix your drinks? Show off your wine? Cool your beer? Put the wine and martini glasses you bought? Do you need a bar? Maybe.

Before I start, I need to say that Amazon was no fun on this one. There are way cooler ideas in the world.


If it’s American, you really do need a way to keep it cold. When it’s outside, you really need to chill it somehow.  If you have a fridge, you probably have it covered. But when the friends come over you need something a little larger, maybe portable. Something you can put outside.

Option one, of course, is the classic cooler. It works and its ugly. So maybe something a little more attractive. So going from insane to slightly less than insane.

The beer cooler is hidden in an outdoor kitchen. I made need to do this.

Outdoor Kitchen and Bar Cooler

Hide cooler in outdoor kitchen

Then for when the kids are at Grandma’s or they have outgrown them. If you need instructions for this. I can’t help. But I will come over to check it out and sample the result.

Kiddie Pool Beer Cooler

Kiddie Pool Beer Cooler

This one seems like overkill. But remember that rusty grill you saw by the trash the other day? Go get two cans of spray paint and a can of nonexpanding foam. Inside foam. Outside any paint you want. Don’t use a good grill. Please! Grill on it!

Grill to cooler

Grill to cooler


Most of us have some wine around. Either because we like it or want to have some for guests who do. Or maybe just to show off. Plus, it is Sangria season. Don’t just stack them in a corner or stand them on the counter. Everyone will know what a rookie you are. Get something a little nicer to display them with a touch of class and properly. Or fun. I like to see my wine, so I can select the right bottle. Well, and impress people. I usually have between 4 and 12 bottles around.

In any case, on its side with the cork wet

Remade Wine Rack




I love a good bar. Don’t you? But not everyone has enough space for them. My dad didn’t have a bar. Just a space on the kitchen counter and a high cabinet. It did work though.

So how about a skinny little beer? Something that will slide against a wall or behind the sofa? I made this one., it’s less than 12 inches deep and yet will serve up any favorite drink you want to make.

Finished thin bar

This rolling cart has some excellent wheels that will roll in your kitchen and it’s all metal, so it will roll around your outdoor deck also, and store wine and other things inside out of site.

Metal Top

Metal Top

Currently, I’m a bit torn. I have an old Grenade box. Thinking of making it a small little thing that will sit on a counter or a table. I could probably even make it a wall mount. Fold down in an emergency. Wait, does anyone have an old fire hose or fire ax box for the wall? I know, it’s not original, but would make a pretty nice wall bar. I thnk I might stick to the grenade box.


Do I need to explain this? Buy some reasonably good stuff. Google “Best Vodka/Whiskey/Gin at a reasonable price” You’ll do great starting there unless you already have a favorite. 

OH, if you want to make your own Smoked Cocktail go to ManDIY

So what else do you want to know? Email me. Or take my poll.

Thanks for reading!  Looking forward to your thoughts.


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