Blue bedroom set

Once again I found something I liked, it just wasn’t going to be something without some serious changes. A bit of mid-century modern, and a lot of factory made ugly. Age had not refined its finish or soften the harshness. The dresser and the headboard both had a lot to offer when IĀ stopped to think about it. And so to work I needed to go.

After much cleanup, a bit of reconstruction, and some creative thinking about what would be best. It was time to paint. The deep blue and brown’s provide a relaxing, yet masculine appearance to the dresser and headboard without stripping away the mid-century modern look. You’ll get a deep strong finish on both the headboard and the dresser. The brown top and highlights ground the pieces, while the rich blue will add interests to any bedroom you want to put it in.

Here is the headboard which completes the bedroom set its a double size.

Status: Available
Price: $500