Catchall tray and charging station

I’ve made a concrete and copper catchall tray. Its got a built in phone, or pad stand and the ability to act as a charger, with the simple addition of your charging cable.


The copper is some extra pipe and connectors I had around from another project. I oxidized it using some muric acid. Which by the way, DO NOT leave in around your tools. Just saying. Not that I ever did. But it will rust tools nearby an open container. I rinsed the copper afterward to stop it and then finished it with poly.

Tray closeup

Closeup of the Tray

The base itself I cast from concrete. I had mixed up a batch for another project and had this this stuff leftover when the pour was complete. And I hate wasting even concrete. I left the concrete natural without any kind of finish. So it is rough textured. I really liked the lip on the tray and the way its much lower on the front than the back. But it still has a lip to old those items that roll about.


Its the perfect place to set you wallet, keys, mail and phone in the evening.

Lets see. It’s 10 inches in diameter, with the device holder standing 3.5 inches high. 

Catchall Tray And Charger

Catchall Tray And Charger

If you want it send me an email. Its $28 and a perfect gift for the upcoming holiday. Like everything, if you are in Cincinnati or the surrounding area, it can be delivered. Otherwise there are shipping charges.


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