Coming back, starting again, or is it, starting for real?

This website died about a year ago. Barely got the domain back actually.

The studio went on hiatus for well over 2 years. I paid rent and never went (like I swore I would never do)

Lots of reasons. But mainly because I let my day job take over. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes we have to. There are responsibilities in life and we have to make them the priority. Bills gotta get paid, children need to be raised. Hot showers and warm beds matter. But somewhere, I went wrong. I started caring more about my company than I cared about myself. It meant I spent myself on things of no value to me. I began to care more about the internal politics of a company than I cared about my freedom. Something I had sworn I would not do.

The thing to understand here is that unless you are an owner of a company, DO NOT! let it own you! The owners might, but often do not care about your commitment. They just want more.

In the last 6 years, I have not taken a day off when I was not on call 24/7.  I never left work without the possibility of a phone call chasing me or a manager calling me to task because I was not available. The reality is that I put myself there and allowed those very things to happen. I don’t blame my employer. Lets say he/they should have cared. Lets say they did, because they told us it was important to take our vacation day,  yet us to be available whenever they called. Who accepted that and went along with it? Me. I accepted my paycheck and the treatment I received. And slowly I stopped my life to make sure the business/work things got done.

Long story short. Done. And putting it behind me. To begin again, pursuing a life without that.

There are a ot of internet people who have effected and affected me to make these choices and real time people too. Internet people = @AmandaPalmer, @neilhimself, @katelanfoisy, @DrLindseyFitz, @openculture, @mollycrabapple (big cheers), @ChickAndTheDead (you make my days),  #timGunn, @MGaletti01 (I want to watch you cook someday..realtime), @Miss_Cakehead, @CynthVonBuhler, @Bourdain (man is food), @dojogelato ( I saw what you did)…in no order. DOJO should be first in some ways. Tou all rock.

 Real time people …get ready for all hell to break loose!

Maybe I need a new page to talk about this.



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