Dresser and computer desk

So, I had been considering my small living space, that I hate most computer desks. Have you ever seen one in a nice old apartment or house? You want that! I don’t. But dressers are always needed. An extra drawer, a surface to put things on. You know, so do I. There are never enough. And the computer disappears hen you close the drawer!

Anyway. Then I came across a dresser. I guess you would call it a low boy. Or something crazy. basically, its about the height of a desk, its a dresser with three drawers.

What I found was pretty crappy. And it was missing a whole drawer. But was made out of real wood. Really, REAL WOOD! So into the back of the truck it goes.

The finish was shot. So sanding a bit takes it down to rawness. A nice red chestnut for a finish is what I am thinking.

The hard parts.

I need a pull out computer desk drawer. It can be a keyboard or a laptop. Whatever you have. My laptop works great. The dresser top is ok for a monitor or for your normal dresser top things. The mail, makeup, candles, books, whatever you might have. And I have a lot(no makeup though). So off I go making one. And an awesome drop down draw front from the two drawer fronts that were originally there. Take a look.

Then the bottom drawer, which was missing. So I am torn as usual. A simple drawer is the best answer. Easy to do, solves all the problems. But what if you have a desktop computer or a printer? You want to put it on top of the dresser or next to it? Not me! So the bottom drawer has the option of being a pullout computer drawer. Pull hard and the front drops. Pull slow and the drawer comes out like a normal drawer. Awesome for me and you.

Some more pics:

Available: $150.00 And its yours today!