Enter The Thrifting Zone

Well, you either got dragged/happily thrifting or deal hunting at some resale shop. You wander through the aisles a few times looking carefully for all the things. And become sadly disappointed. 

well, nothing is here. Nothing from my Insta and certainly none of my Pinned stuff. Let’s get out of here.


You are doing thrifting wrong

Going anywhere there is stuff for resale or at huge discounts demands a different mindset. It doesn’t matter if its Goodwill, St Vincent De Paul, Building Value, a ReStore or Big Lots. Heck, any antique city you visit. You have to get you mind to a new place.  A place without expectation.  A non-linear place

So unless you have vast quantities of cash to buy new things. Move yourself to the Recreators Zone(imagine Twilight Zone theme playing).


That place that allows you to see things normal brains don’t.

Don’t get me wrong. If I found the 15 glass lamp globes I needed for the cool Pinterest yard project. I might buy them. Depends on the price. But you don’t find 15 of them. In fact, you don’t find any for weeks on end. And unless you stumble into the right place at the right time do you find 125 yard sticks in various colors to redo your dresser. You know it’s true. How many times does the blog post say, “got x from the thrift store, it was only a few pennies and….” 

Your goal is to see the thrift store the same way you saw the refrigerator box when you were eight years old. All the things are options. I know it’s hard sometimes when you have a project you just have to do in your head. But you can’t let that get in the way. Unless of course, you have a big spender credit card. Then just go to Etsy or Amazon and order the parts.

Now, for the rest of us.


Start looking at the other things scattered about. Trust me they often are scattered about. Look at the things that are sitting in odd places. I picked up a Bose cutting board in good shape for $4, just set against a wall near the vases. Sanding and oil, then good as new.  Doesn’t happen like that often(I still look every time). Look for the ideas that link to your ideas, not the ideas and products themselves. Turn off your planning and expectation mind, then look at things. Don’t look at them as what they are, but rather as what they might be. Try not to look down on anything. They are, as a friend used to say as she stacked them in the cart; possibilities.

You are doing resale stores wrong

Can the cutting board be repurposed to a serving tray?

Could the cooking pot be repurposed to a lamp shade?

Why not use the camera and flash attachment and turned it into a lamp?

What about these falling apart books?

A bike that no one will ever ride again?

Eight Dollar wall mirrors? I want to reuse them all over my walls.

That ugly fake brass table lamp with the fake candle bulbs? This one:

Copper Verdigris Chandelier

I won’t get into fabric options sitting on hangers all about the place. I just saw a project for a phone case made with one of those old 70’s ties! 

So you see, it’s all about vision, not so much focus when “thrifting”.

Let go and let chaos and creation happen.


Oh! and don’t forget about my own special Recreated store. I am having a make an offer sale right now. The recreation work is all done for you already!







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