Finding the stuff to remake, upcycle and recreate

A few months back, I wrote about finding things. Asking for a little help in the discovery process. I got some great ideas in the process. But I also realized how blind I had been all along about finding. There are remaking things everywhere you look. Just open our eyes and find.

You can start in your closets, your basement, and garage. Or your parents or a friend’s.  Truly, some amazing finds can be generated from these places. My first projects came from the garage at my parent’s house. OK, so that was a bit ago. But if someone you know doesn’t have a find jammed into some dark recess of their home, you need better family or friends.


Prohint: Make a friend with someone who has a truck. Even an old truck.  Makes moving your finds much easier. And cheaper.

Top 5 finding places, and two extra for free

  1. St Vincent DePaul (7 in the Cincinnati area)
  2. Valley Thrift (2 in Cincinnati)
  3. Building Value (1 n the sweet Northside)
  4. ReStore (Habit for Humanity) 5 in Cincinnati Area
  5. Freecycle
  6. Roadside finds 
  7. Trash, I know, but its sits there and goes to the dump if you don’t

You will be finding just about anything at Thrift stores, same with flea markets. But, the same “brand” thrift store seems to be more heavily weighted to some kinds of things in certain locations. St Vincent has good stuff everywhere, but the store on Este has the best furniture. Valley Thrift always has the good furniture in Dayton/Kettering and Fairfield stores. Used to be that the Salvation Army in Norwood had the most awesome furniture I ever saw at stunner prices. Last few years, not so much

Now Building Value and ReStore are a little different when it comes to finding things. You won’t find some many finished things. Though they both do have some furniture, mostly what you can get there are the pieces parts and the base items you want to work with.

Freecycle is pretty good, but not always productive. When you find something, get it before it’s gone.  It’s a bit like thhe Craigslist “Free” listings, but more of a people organized efforts to recycle the things in life. Use the website and to daily updates.

The squeamish factor

I know that the last two make some of you a little squeamish. But really, someones trash is really a treasure for you and your life. In the last six months on the roads near my place, I found a 12 x 8 Canvas Tarp, Water Cooler,  and Bowie knife. weekly trash though here in Cincinnati, it, not the gold mine it used to be, I won’t get deep into. There have been so many things mostly, who furniture pieces I have rescued from the hell fires of the dump. 

Now, these are just starters in the great art of “Finding”. There are a ton of flea markets that exist and pop up all over town, try them. Some are pricey, some are awesome. Will do a post sometime about my favorites.

And don’t feel afraid to stop along the road when you see the random shop or sale. I’ve yet to run into any mutant cannibals on such stops. usually, just nice friendly people. 

Just a little note here. You don’t want to get crappy gifts, do you? So don’t give them. Start at my Esty store for awesome innovative, creative, handmade gifts for your friends and family.

Thanks for reading!


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