Five awesome uses for a baking sheet that never touch the oven

A baking sheet or baking pan is an awesome thing. They are one of the best tools for oven cooking you have. Baking sheets are multi purpose and pretty easy to clean. But they can take up a lot of space when not in use and they do get old from time to time. How many of you have had that happen and you hate to get rid of them? How many have 2 or 3 and want a place to use them and not store them? 

My personal thing is, I want a backup, just in case my main baking sheet is in use or dirty.

Yes, they do look like cookie sheets, but a baking sheet/baking pan is an all-purpose multitasker. A cookie sheet does not have raised sides, all the juice just falls off. They are worth more than their $10 price tag. Yes, they are perfect for cookies. But they essential for roasting vegetables, which are one of gods gifts. The rimmed edge keeps everything in the baking sheet. The rim is key.

Oven-Free uses for your Baking Sheet

  1. Spice Tray:And another look.
    A added a few rails under my kitchen cabinets, got some metal spice containers. And now I have two pullout drawers for my herbs and spices. Added advantage, magnetic! I can attach more to the bottom. Plus, you get spare baking sheets when you need them during the holiday rush.
  2. Ingredient(mise en place) Organizer: My sudden recent career shift has introduced me to the ways chefs deal with ingredient prep for their dishes. Either for later in the day or the next morning.  Instead of using 5 bowls, like I do, just put them in separate areas of the tray. An added advantage is a little plastic wrap and into the fridge, it goes. All ready for when real cooking starts on Sunday morning.  

    I am actually thinking about creating some shelves in the fridge to slide 5 or six of them into, like the big racks in the coolers. If I do, expect a post! Think some aluminum runners and uprights.

    Fridge Trays

    Fridge Trays

    I already have some deep slide out pans for jarred things that keep it clean and easy to find. See down on the bottom shelf in the picture.
  3. Freeze Individual Foods and Servings:  Though ice cube trays are also awesome for smallish stuff (leftover Chipotle/Tomato Paste). If you have a glut of fruit or maybe a few spare burgers or even want to do bacon slices, try thisFreeze it to use later. Unfortunately, if you put a bunch of anything into a zip-top bag and freeze the bag, you end up with a mass frozen stuff. Instead, spread it out in a single layer on a cookie sheet. A few hours later, after it’s is completely frozen, I transfer it to freezer safe bags. That way, I  have individual servings. Don’t forget though, a few leftover berries into the ice cube trays make for wonderful drinks when friends come over.
  4. Serving Tray: Again with the paint. After the Baking sheet has served a long heroic life in the oven, making roasts veggies, cookies, chickens, being an overflow catch for the baking dishes, etcetera, etcetera. Wash well, wipe with mineral spirits, let dry and paint that baby! The mineral spirits should get rid of the last remnants of grease that might be on it. I did it recently with a few metal plates. But use whatever paint pleases you. The textured paints are cool. You are going to serve on it. Not place food on it, so you have a lot of flexibility. 

    Then load it with noms and present it to your favorite person or persons.

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