How do I find more stuff

I don’t have pics, that’s the problem.How do Ifind the stuff I need to make the more cool things? Of course I find stuff at the thirft stores and some garage and yard sales. But it seems to me that these places are becoming less prime for finding material to work with. I have not been able to find a good industrial surplus open to the public in Cincinnati. I have to make do with periodic runs up to Dayton and Mendelsons. And of course web searches, and Craigslist, of course. But I am always needing parts or new things to work with. 

So…HELP!! Please, if you can. Add a comment or send me some info in the contact section. 

What I am looking for is more sources for things that need some love or creativity A place with random things, parts and multiple uses. Scrap, junk, wood, metal, lighting, wire, pipes, whatever. Makers and people who up create things know what I am talking about. Its hard to find a good supply or a place  to explore once a week or so. 

Back when Cincinnati had unlimited pickup, I could find new things everyday if I wanted to take short drives around town. Now, not so much. You have to be lucky when someone has put something out. I wonder what happens to the dumpsters that are used on house flips and remodels. Does anyone know how you can get access to them? I mean, other than raiding them at night. Which can work sometimes.

Sometimes I want to open my own place to sell things. But a large place, rather like The Other Side Vintage in Tallahassee, FL. I visited a few times when my daughter was in School there. It was really an awesome eclectic collection of finds. Both immediately usable, or the first step in a recreation, up-cycle project. Plus it was huge! And had wonderful people working there. I challenge you to go there and not find something they want.

Then I could have all the things to make with, to sell, to make people happy, and have people bringing things in to add to the collection. I think I may even know the place to do it. 


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