Kitchen eThing holders

I’ve been working on a series of ipad, note, surface and phone holders for the kitchen. A few are even designed to be charging stands. Don’t know about you, but these darn devices are awesome in the kitchen, to hold your recipe or play your music. Its just that they get in the way. Plus, I am afraid to spill stuff on them. 

Having looked at all kinds of semi-awesome ones on the interwebz. I agree, some are cool and some are even useful. I tried some of them. But most of them have issues. They are to big, they don’t move easily, they break, they get in the way. They fall over to easily. Did I mention, some are pretty spendy.

So, I have come to my own rescue. And yours! 

Currently ther are 4 different Kitchen Helpers ready. 

Concrete half cylinder

Using concrete and forms we made a series of these really cool device stands for your kitchen counter. Half cylinders sit on a flat bottom wit silicon “feet” to protect your surfaces. The slot holds just about any device. Even if its in a rather thick holder or case. The slot is 6/8 of an inch/. Over all they are 3 3/4 x 3 3/4 x 3/4 inch tall. The e-stands weigh a little over a pound each. avail in white, grey and black.

Cylinder e stand

Personally I like these a lot. They are lightweight enough to move around and sturdy enough to knock about if you need to.

OH! and if you want to use it as a charger. there is a channel through the base and up to the device. Just slide your charger in and you are ready to go.

Only $14.00


Flexible neck, clip on kitchen holder

Clamp holder in use

This is a cool design based on remaking a gooseneck lamp. I plan to make others just as soon as I can find more old goose neck lamps. This one is silver and grey. There is an added slip resistant padding on the surface so your device won’t slip off. 

I like this one because its easier to just push out of the way, or rearrange to get a better look at things. I used the original of this one myself and love it.

Closeup of clamp

Closeup of clamp

Obviously with the big clamp, its damn easy to put wherever you need it in the kitchen or your office or your workshop. I like that a lot.  Since I do a lot of other things where there is no easy or safe flat surface to work on.

closeup of ipad holder

Here it is in use from the backside




And finally,

The surplus record eholder

Record e-holder

And eholder made from an old lp record.

No, really, its a thing. I made it one. I rather like old useless records. You know the scratched kind, the ones with Jim Neighbors singing Christmas carols? Those. 

A bit of a cantilever design here. It took some special bending and attaching block of wood on the back. But then put into a normal cabinet door it stays in place and holds my Samsung Note or my friends I-Pad happily. Its out of the way and at eye height. Perfect to use on a day to day basis and pretty inexpensive. Of course the cantilever design that depends on the door being shut to hold it in place. Amazing, if I say so myself. 

edevice holder

This how simple it is to use


A closeup showing the way thhe holder fits into the cabinet door

The only real draw back of this is that if you forget its there, and open the cabinet. Of course, iits easy to avoid the issue. 

$13.00 each

Two things I am working on is: 1)making it solely with a record and no other stuff. And 2) a way to have it stay in place when you open the cabinet door. Probably a thumbscrew or something simple to detach. I’ll post some updates when I have them complete. 

You can get them by sending me an email or at my etsy shop




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