Mid-Century Wood Computer Case

I know that all things SteamPunk are in now. Just happens that my place is more Mid-Century Modern than Steam. I put together a computer to run Myth, but could not find a case I liked or worked for me. So, the obvious thing for this Recreator to do, is find something to use for the box. Also, no good. Time to build.

I decided on a somewhat square box, in case I ever wanted to add a card or two. The motherboard is a mini ATX. I have 2 hard drives and all the other things one might want in a media PC. The picture below is the motherboard mounted on its base, made of plywood with plastic offsets.

The case was designed for quite, and not to shed light from power lights. But still to be capable of checking the lights and restarting without reaching around the case. Also, I needed to make sure I could get inside an make changes when I needed to.

The case turned out to be 3 levels. A lower level to hold the Drives and power supply. The middle hold the motherboard. And the top level hold a compartment and a slide out tray for the DVD player and a usb/sd card assembly.

After finishing the case interior, which actually took a lot loger than I thought it would. All the finicky little details. When I finished I had an awesome wooden case, but I could not find the “speaker” type fabric I wanted to cover the case front, top and back with. No fabric I found could give it that look or feel that I wanted. It was supposed to look something like a radio or record player f the period. After much search I finally found a needle point backing that you se on the finished case. Just perfect.

The case is quite!

What do you think?