Olive Oil Can Light



A very simple, yet stunning, ceiling light for the kitchen or dining table. Taking your basic olive oil can, we added the really simple Ikea lamp socket and cord, to make a fixture ready for anyone!. no need to be an electrician. Put a  hook in the ceiling(if you don’t have one), hang it, plug it in and you are in business. Or romance. Or cooking.

Oil Light closeup

Closeup of the Olive Oil Can Light


There used to be a restaurant up in Yellow Springs, Ohio I went to that had these lights. Except they were all upside down. Found out the restaurant simply can opener-ed the tops, so that was that. I did the bottom after using the oil.

For the record, it’s 10 inches tall, 6 inches across and 3.5 inches deep.

If you have cans, I can make more. Or make a custom one for you. Just ask. But for now, a few more pics.


Making and remaking

A new view

Think about it

Wanting to be in your house

Hanging there, just waiting to be in your home


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