Remade tan and green crackle finish end table




This cool end table is a bit restrained. I used some laid back colors that will fit comfortably in most rooms. At the same time, it’s attractive and functional just like you need it to be. It’s remade from an old rather desperate thing I never even took pics of. Mostly it was washing, sanding and painting. I thought about doing a faux leather on the center tan section, but it seemed overworked wit the crackle finish of the rest. So I left it smooth. Way easier for you to clean too. Front view of End Table There is a working drawer on the front for storing our secrets. And a good solid bottom shelf down below. I didn’t put anything on it in the pictures. but you get the idea. ThisĀ is ready for you to pick up whenever you are ready. Maybe I could drop it off if you have the need and it’s close enough.

Top of end table

Top of end table

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