Scorched wood salad serving bowl


Get this very non-boring salad/serving bowl. Handcrafted using fire, wire, sandpaper and some sweat.  Remade just for you.


If you want a non boring salad or serving bowl. This remade wood bowl is it! The texture of the exterior and the smoothness of the interior alone make it a wonderful to hold. Serving in it is a joy. Handcrafted using fire, wire, sandpaper and finishes that will hold up and safe to eat out of.

Close-up of scorched burnt bowl

Close up of the exterior

Grab the fire!

First, I’ve torched and scorched the exterior. Then using a wire brush, I cleared out the charred bits. As a result, it leaves a wonderfully rough texture, still smooth to the touch. The inside is smoothed perfectly and finished with a food safe finish.

remade bowl from top

Look at this!

This is a one of a kind bowl. It’s great for your own home, a housewarming or a special gift for any occasion. You’ll love it on your table or seeing it on a friends.

It’s 11 inches in diameter and 4 inches tall/deep.

…and just waiting to appear on your table.

wood bowl closeup

Ready for you now

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