The Skinny Bar


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This is an awesome bar. About 8 inches wide and 4 foot long! No really. Put this sucker against a wall and serve the whole party. Afterwards put a candle or two on it for a romantic backdrop at dinner.

Wine glass rack

Holding a wine glass

Skinny bar rustic

Glasses to while you are mixing

It’s rustic. Made from repurposed pallet 2×4’s, it’s solid as a rock. The uprigts are made of wood and distressed aluminum studs. Really this thing looks like cool in any room and takes up almost no space.

The skinny old school bar has room for 5 bottles of wine or whatever. Just make sure if they are open, you screw them tight before flipping them over. Wine glass racks under the top too! It will hold between 6 and 8 glasses depending on the size.

Skinny Bar booze

It’ll hold all your bottles


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