Recreated an overview

Take the old, unused, unwashed, unwanted, discarded, ugly. Add creativity, function, funk, style, elbow grease, ideas, paint, sandpaper, finish, wax, …well actually a whole bunch of stuff. Recreate it! Make it new. Make it usable, Make it Beautiful. Make it a wonderful thing to have in your home or office or patio.

Thats Recreated! Some people call it creative reuse, some call it refinishing, Some people call it green or thrifty or whatever. Here at Recreated, its not what you call it. We call it Recreate and its what we do with it that matters.

I am pleased that some people consider our work ‘green‘, but it not really why we do what we do. I seems everyone has ideas on adaptive reuse of building, bottles, tires, coat hangers, whatever these days. And someday maybe recreated will join that club. But for now. Recreating home furnishing is what we do. And do well. Recreated is not a factory, its a craft/art studio where each piece is treated individually based on its own form and function. Each recreated article is designed based on itself and its most likely use. Often two seemingly similar pieces will be recreated with vastly differing results.

Each article is consider for its construction, current finish, possible uses, orginal design style, functionality. Only then do I begin working to make it something someone would want in their home. Usually I consider it as something I would want in my home. because if I don’t, it just doesn’t work.

Some people hate the idea of painting wood. And for a long time I was one of those. The idea of painting over wood was in some ways abhorrent to me. That is until I started seeing, both historical and modern wood furniture painted with a fine touch. Historically iits been used to work with lesser grades of woods or to enhance the overall design value. Modern painted furniture, using woods without the quality that we have come to expect, often have needed paint. Overall though, I’ve found paint to be a tool just like stain, or any other finish. Just like certain woods, it becomes part of the piece, enhancing both it beauty, quality and wear-ability. With many Recreated pieces you’ll find that the paint can make the difference between something ready for the garage sale and a furniture that anyone would be happy to have in their designed rooms. Finshes available with paint vs traditional methods are far more creative and extensive. And when working with lesser qualities of wood, they provide much greater creative possibilities.

What we do is different, new, creative and fun. You’ll find the furnishings beautiful, creative and fitting for your desired environment.