Sanding vs Stripping

I know you are all waiting to hear my thoughts on this incredibly important issue. You are, right? You just cannot wait to hear my thoughts!

I personally hate sanding old stuff, it strips way too much away. The patina, the nicks and the knocks. But sometimes it’s your only option. I also hate chemical strippers. The stink, are not nice to me or the environment. And they tale forever sometimes. Give me an old thing with Shellac or Lacquer and I am happy.

So how did I find myself sanding a Hoosier cabinet? Last count was 9 coats of paint, plus the original finish. All in various states of disrepair. Including all the way back to raw wood. Two weeks of stripping one part ended months ago, with about 15% stripped, $60 in stripper used and a whole bunch of junk to dispose of.

Saturday, I decided I had to go back to it with the orbital sander. Two or three nights later, progress is better, but really no prettier. Still like 60% to do. Not totally happy with either solution. But sanding seems to be going faster, if not any easier.

Next question. What should I do with it when I am finished?