The Cafe Table

The cafe table came to me as a rusted bit of metal, painted 50 or so times, left to the weather and ravages of time. But the lines were attractive and simple. Something anyone might like on their porch or deck. 


You can click on the pictures to see an enlarged version. Abstract flowers are a wonderful idea to make the table a focus in someones home or garden. Rather than just another thing accumulated because one needs a place to sit. A Table to me is a waste if it doesn’t mean anything or brighten a space.

Looking at the before pictures, you can see what condition things were in before I got my hands on this. Black, ugly, rusted and ready for a dumpster.<

The chairs found at the same time, didn’t seem to lack anything other than a much needed cleaning.

And then, just because you should see it, Here is what it looks like form the top, when I finished. With a layer of 1/2 pour of an ultra sturdy 2 part polyurethane finish. about 1/8 of an inch thick. Ready for you to use.

Sorry, its sold and gone to a better home