Whats Happening

The studio work continues. Not always fast and not always exciting. But some projects have recently been finished that I haven’t had time to include in the Recreated section just yet.
Recently finished another serving tray, based on the Jackson Pollock theme I have taken a great liking to. Finished with a thick 2 part epoxy that should hold up for years of coffee’s, tapas, cheese and the like. Maybe even an impressive breakfast in bed. A brushed aluminum metal frame provides for easy handling.

Also completed a recreation of the standard 1940/50’s metal kitchen cabinet. You know the one, yellowed white paint, metal, stored in your basement.  Its now got a cool fifties blue wash with a metallic top coat. A built in wine rack on the bottom shelf holds 14 bottles of your favorite vino. The new top is galvanized sheet metal with a brushed finished that can hold up to just about anything you want to throw at it. And I have added some solid utility casters, which makes it movable and functional in the kitchen, the dinining room or the patio.I may just take it home.