Working over the holiday

Pounded my index finger rather hard with the rubber mallet yesterday. Having trouble using it for typing at the moment. But the drawer is together.It was a nice long Saturday. Constructing the drawer desktop sanding, talking to some other artists in the building.Went to the thrift store looking for new projects and decided not to get anything for the moment. But that may change today.

Started this one a little bit ago, but still working on the the details. Its a simple dresser which is going to make a nice computer desk without wreaking the ability to use it as a dresser or act as a dresser. A lot of us have smaller places and don’t have the space for a desk. And I find a lot of computer desks  terribly ugly and cheap.

The finished dresser will have a pull out drawer/desktop that will hold either your laptop or your keyboard, etc.  The lower 2 drawers can be used for whatever you might wish.  But the bottom drawer will provide access to the back of the dresser so if you wish to put the computer or a printer in it, it will work fine. Rebuilding that drawer, so I will make it a bit sturdier than most drawers.

Having stripped and sanded this thing, I’ll be finishing with a stain and then a poly finish.

Holiday cookout today I think. Here in the Northside at the moment, its quite and slightly cool. A perfect day for it.